André P. Muga, holder of a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Coimbra and registered in the Central Section of the Order of Engineers, boasts a solid professional experience that spans across various sectors and areas of expertise.

For a significant period, he contributed to the team at Critical Software, playing a crucial role in developing complex systems for prestigious clients such as the Navigator Group (Paper Industry), Almedina (Legal Publisher), and the European Space Agency (ESA). In these collaborations, he had the opportunity to enhance his knowledge in a variety of fields, including user interaction, operating systems such as the encryption systems deployed on Galileo satellites, and exploration and quality control systems in industrial environments.

Subsequently, he was invited to join the team at LogicPulse, a company specializing in asset and personnel management, where he held various prominent positions, including leadership of the Development and Engineering department.

Furthermore, André Muga actively participated in research projects in collaboration with the Superior Institute of Agronomy, where he contributed as an author and co-author to several renowned publications on internet-based irrigation simulation.

His expertise also extends to areas such as high-precision cadastral and topographic surveying systems. As an entrepreneur, he successfully launched SAFE-NET, a national web hosting operator, and founded BIOPaginas, a company dedicated to the development of web and mobile solutions.

Currently, he is engaged in collaborating with Interlog Solutions, focusing his efforts on creating innovative solutions for the logistics sector.